Ilia Tulchinsky (iliat) wrote in kidsguide,
Ilia Tulchinsky

Bathurst Clark Library

A very children friendly library. There is a whole section dedicated to children books. It has small bookcases, so that children can pick books themselves, low round tables and armchairs. Parents can read to children and in general slightly higher volume of noise is tolerated. In addition there are a couple of computers where you can play some educational games (each one has two headphones attached, so you can share the experience).
We come there often especially in winter months when the weather is too miserable to be outside, all the games have been played and the daily dose of cartoons has been watched. Our girls(3.5 years) love the fact that there is this ocean of books; they constantly pick new ones and we read them together. Then we play some game. A visit typically lasts for slightly more than an hour.
I think there are some books in Russian and Hebrew although majority of them is of course in English.
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Are you serious? I go there every week! :~))
Nice place , eh?
Maybe we can meet on some weekend. I'll be the bearded guy encircled by 2 little girls :-)
I still don't receive all the comments. We can talk offline: mama.rimma at
I am definitely going to be there tomorrow, won't work out this weekend. Is it possible that I already met your wife there?