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How this community was created

I am a parent. I am getting tired of this non-stop search for an ultimate daycare, a school or an appropriate child program for my kids. My requirements are high and most definitely not all kids programs meet my demands. Internet search engines do not solve my problem. They lack personal touch, friends' references and recommendations. It all changes once my friends express their opinion about a child service they liked. This community is run by these parents and for them.

Community rules:

You are welcome to post about any child service you want in a country and city of your choice and give us you related recommendations. Please, always provide a TAG for your post indicating:
- the country,
- the city
- all the relevant category(ies)
of the child services mentioned in your post. For example: daycare, nursery, kids' entertainment and etc.

Search engine will be provided when needed.

Further rules of the community will be determined.